Anonymous Asked:your art is my inspiration <3 uvu

thank you! i’m flattered that you think of my art in that way(*´▽`*)

Anonymous Asked:Hi! Do you know of any public oekaki that are active? I love your art and it makes me miss oekakiboards.

hi there! unfortunately, there aren’t many oekaki boards (that i know of) that are as active as they might’ve been. sutaro oekaki is still up (barely though). however, there is a polish oekaki that is very active and i enjoy drawing there occasionally. there are probably other oekaki’s out there that are more active, but those are the ones i’ve drawn at so far.

jem is truly outrageous (truly truly truly outrageous)

done…? maybe? idk…too nervous to post to my art blog so ill leave this here.

i apologize for taking forever to post something new&#8230;there&#8217;s a lot of new followers here, and I&#8217;m scared that i&#8217;ll disappoint you guys&#8230;anyways, i have a thing for magician ocs. not sure how far i&#8217;ll go in developing her, but I&#8217;ll sketch more of her in time.
finishing up an old drawing&#8230;
afros are so gorgeous (´ω`♡)

wha? haha ha? ha?

reblorging because i kinda like this&#8230;and because i don&#8217;t draw frequently.
@__@ i just really wanted to draw someone wearing a varsity jacket
~__~ ah, uhm. i really wanted to draw one of toki&#8217;s magical girls (i&#8217;m so slow to seeing it, since the original post was three months old).
yeah&#8230;*goes back into hiding*
Anonymous Asked:14, 18 and 25! Ok, you can skip 25 if you want to

14. Hmm, honestly I really like drawing figures/people. i draw mostly girls though. especially wearing really funky clothing and stuff like that. I’m not huge into fashion or design, I just draw what I think looks interesting. i’m really boring, sorry…

18. I draw to make myself happy (ideally). I also want to improve so that I can do more with it, like make a comic or publish something (maybe in the near future). I don’t really have a major purpose, it’s just something i do…

25. Umm, I sketched out this thing yesterday…


i kinda want to color this, but now i dont know…

guess ill put this on my art blog too&#8230;